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About Us

Welcom To Ballbellas!

Thank you for visiting Ballbellas.com ,where you will find thousands of styles of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, graduation dresses and other event dresses offered at factory prices.

When Ballbellas was founded, its leaders did not take it seriously, and some managers even wanted to stop the website. However, there were also some people who saw the enormous potential of Ballbellas, so they did their best for its development. They started with the design concept of wedding and ball dresses and chose high-quality fabrics to make the perfect dress.


Wedding dress design concept: the wedding dress is a witness to the couple's love. Many girls wear the wedding dress is also the most beautiful moment of their lives, so the design concept of the wedding dress should start from the perspective of love. The end result is a perfect showcase of the bride's beautiful looks and great figure. Each wedding dress should be designed with the couple's input, and the designer can also design different styles for the couple based on their usual outfits. The designer can also design the most suitable wedding dress according to the couple's age, work nature and body shape.


The prom dress contains numerous elements and symbolic symbols that play an irreplaceable linguistic role in social, folk and ceremonial situations. Its fabric is the soul of the garment. Ballbellas has collected a wide range of different fabrics to meet a variety of needs.

Now, the constant stream of positive customers’ reviews witnessed vigorously thriving of Ballbellas.

You can contact us everytime when you have any questions.Our service E-mail is: service@ballbellas.com